Risks are inevitable.

Surround yourself with people who “get it,” because life is better when you intentionally connect with a supportive community.


A Better Life

Hope Lives was founded with the idea that life can be better today than it was yesterday, and there is always hope for a better future. Through interactive online and in-person experiences, the team at Hope Lives creates a safe environment where purpose-driven leaders are empowered to grow their businesses, fuel the economy, and impact real-people on a human level.

We serve leaders and teams to impact their organizations and associations through achieving resilience and connection, so they can navigate the future with confidence, courage, and compassion.


Chaos & insecurity

They dominate our daily programming, but it does not have to be that way. Even if your world changes overnight, there are principles that have stood the test of time that help you stabilize and control your future. 

Here's How We Help:

  • Create an atmosphere where dreamers from all walks of life can support each other.
  • Provide a simple process to raise purpose, participation, and performance on Zoom Meetings.
  • Enable teams to work together to create a powerful shared identity, spark boundless resourcefulness, equaling results through Zoom.
  • Reconnect your passion to be purpose-driven.
  • Design and lead Zoom interactions to unlock the collective wisdom, resilience, and strength of the participants.

Giving Back

Give Hope to the world through every purchase. Hope Lives, LLC donates a portion of all proceeds to organizations helping others around the world, including Compassion International. We would love to hear about the projects and organizations you support. 

Where are you inspired to give hope?

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