Our Mission

Hope Lives brings together Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Non-Profit Professionals, Teachers, and Professionals alike to enhance their leadership training, talents, and skills by adding value to people all over the world. In doing so, we continue with our passion to do something of significance, as we transform lives by serving humanity, while leaving an impact of our own.


A Better Life

At Hope Lives, we believe that our mission consists of its calling, core beliefs and culture. These are what inform each component of the organization and live through each person that help make up Hope Lives as a whole.


Add Value

Our calling is to “Add value to people all over the world.”

Core Beliefs

Leadership is Influence

Our core beliefs center around the one core truth that has been taught by Dr. John C. Maxwell for decades, all around the globe. “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” Thus, the model, method, and approach for all we do is built upon our desire to influence others effectively. Each strategy that Hope Lives engages in is a method to use leadership, coaching, training or community to influence others in a manner that adds value.


Articulate the Mission

Our culture is articulated in what we call our Culture Values. These 5 values (Integrity, Purpose Driven, Servant Leadership, Resilience, and Fun), are taught and modeled by the team at Hope Lives and articulate the common mission of our organization as reflected in their daily life and leadership. These values inform our policies, procedures, activities, interaction with one another, represent our brand and the way we contribute to our community.

Together, our calling, core beliefs and culture instructs, informs, and inspires the life of our organization, helping us to nurture an environment of servant leadership, growth, and mutual benefit for all who engage with Hope Lives. While those in our community come from different cultures, life backgrounds, ethnicities, and leadership settings, the one thing we share and that binds us together is our purpose, mission, and culture.

To put it simply, our life and business of leading, community building and training is our work. At Hope Lives, we strive to 

“Be good at our work and be great at who we are.”

 Let’s Get In Touch

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