Free Workshop

  • This is not your typical webinar. We strive to have participants interact to unlock collective strengths, creativity, and resilience.
  • We will leverage experiential learning science to engagement, implement, and get results from virtual interactions.
  • Help participants co-create a powerful shared identity, spark wide-spread resourcefulness, and build capacity to thrive in both in-person and online interactions.

3 Day Training

  • Get access to 3 days of immersive experiential learning
  • Exponentially increase your learning through conversations with peers.
  • Leverage experiential learning science to guarantee engagement, implementation, and results from virtual meetings.
  • Build a real, authentic community in real time, from scratch.

Exclusive Interactive Book Club

  • Discuss leadership, faith, purpose, and thoughts of industry leaders to challenge your mind and grow your skills.

Certified Maxwell DISC coaching

The Maxwell DISC Certification is an assessment and training program designed to equip you as a person, team leader or organization.  As certified Maxwell DISC Trainers, we are equipped with world class training and information to add value to individuals and groups. The Maxwell DISC assessments and reports raise the awareness of individuals by helping them understand:

  • Their DISC communication style (Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator)
  • The communication style of others and how to connect to them
  • The ideal environment where they can bring their best forward
  • Their strengths in 7 key areas of influence
  • And how they can grow into their potential

Experiential High Level Masterminds

  • Limited Seating.  You must apply.  It is important that we have the right people in the right place.
  • We meet once a quarter.
  • We meet in a different place around the world each time.

 Let’s Get In Touch

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